Like just about everything in this world, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (the metric system still doesn’t do that phrase justice unfortunately), and never is this more true than when it comes to the most expensive & critical hardware of your business: your Servers.

Because Server Hardware and Operating Systems are designed to just keep running indefinitely, these key pieces of infrastructure are often neglected – relegated to the occasional login by an admin when they are looking for something out of the ordinary or need to do something which requires some elevated privileges.

Unfortunately though, their reliability is their own worst enemy. Problems can still build up without noticeable symptoms and end up causing catastrophic failures. I cannot count how many times I have seen a Server which has been running for years without a hiccup not come back after a forced restart – whether it be from having to relocate it, extended power problems, or just some much-needed maintenance.

With the holiday period fast approaching, it is often a good time to get some of that essential maintenance work done: Operating System/Application/Firmware Updates, Server Restarts, & UPS Battery Tests – but before all those it is a good idea to monitor the general health of these Servers, to ensure that there are no underlying issues which might cause some of this proactive maintenance to become more of a troubleshooting session.

Implementing a Proactive Server Monitoring solution is one sure-fire way of staying on top of any issues as and when they arrive – before they turn into critical failures. Knowing that a disk volume is within 5-10% of its limit gives you enough time to start clearing unnecessary files or archiving old records before the Server suddenly stops (as they tend to do when disks fill up).

As part of our Ongoing Support Agreements, all Clients of Altitude Innovations have their Servers monitored by our Helpdesk Team, to be able to identify, investigate, and resolve Server Health Alerts long before they turn into life-threatening issues for the Server.

If you would like to have your critical Server infrastructure monitored to ensure it keeps performing at its peak performance, get in touch with our Innovations Team today.

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