The altitude innovations difference

We’re great at technology, but we know it’s about more than that.

The technology is simply a means to an end. As part of The Altitude Group that also includes business advisors, accountants, and financial planners, the number one ‘end’ that we are driven to help you achieve is financial freedom through better business performance.

As business owners ourselves, we know that technology plays a huge part in that process. We have successfully applied technology to streamline our own business’ systems. and we created Altitude Innovations to share that expertise with small businesses like yours.

Problems we solve

  • growing pains Have you been struggling dealing with growth-related changes to your business? Do you feel things are starting to fall through the cracks?
  • inefficiency Are you frustrated seeing manual processes and re-keying of data happening in your business because your various apps don’t work together?
  • overwhelmed?Are you finding it hard to stay up-to-date with technology and to clearly keep the big picture in view of how all your systems fit together?
  • risk of lost productivityAre you concerned what might happen if your systems went down, your data got hacked or your business was subjected to a natural disaster?

we free you from the burden

You already have enough on your plate in running your business or department without having to alse be a technology ‘Jack of all trades’.

Even if you have the skills to do it all yourself, there are only so many hours in the day and your highest value tasks are likely to involve working with people, not technology. As your outsourced tech team, we free you from the burden and time waste of being the technology implementor and troubleshooter.

What we do

Systems performance reviews

Feeling that something in your technology or processes just isn’t right? Things not working as they should? You are not alone. We’ll analyse your entire system, beyond just the technology, to ensure your business is as efficient as possible.


It’s impossible to find an off-the-shelf app that perfectly meets your business’ needs. Your processes are unique. Rather than stitch together ‘almost right’ apps, we can develop a custom app for your business that will be ‘just right’.


Struggling with app fatigue? Don’t know which of your systems talk to each other? Finding cases of mismatched customer data between systems? That’s hurting your business. We’ll implement a ‘single source of truth’ for all your business’ data.


Is moving your systems ‘to the cloud’ the right move for your business? Maybe. Maybe not. We help you assess the risks, identify potential roadblocks and map out the ideal journey to the cloud for your business. Then we make it happen.

total care package

Imagine having someone in your business, that whenever IT challenges cropped up, you could simply say to them, “You handle it” and you move on with your day. That would be a huge load off your shoulders.

Our Total Care Package gives you just that. Acting as your Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer), our TotalCare Package takes the headache out of managing your IT on a day to day basis, freeing you up to do what you do best.

case studies

Altitude Innovations has an array of skills we can apply to almost any business problem.That said, these case studies highlight some of our specialties.

You’ll see how we helped a manufacturer streamline their processes to grow their business; how we moved a service business’ IT to the cloud to reduce risk and save costs; how a design business reduced their IT headaches; and how a retail supplier got a custom app to manage their business.


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