About us Team - JAMES MILLS


Business Innovations Manager

James has always had a desire to figure out how things work, and how they could possibly work better. He recalls, “I have fond memories from my childhood of pulling apart our family’s IBM PC and then having to put it back together to make sure it worked before Mum arrived home and found out!”

Throughout his working life, James has continued his desire to deconstruct systems and processes down to their core functions, see what can be tweaked or removed entirely, to create better outcomes. “While I spent some time away from the world of IT working in hospitality, finance, sales and operations, I have always gravitated back to my first love – technology,” James explains.

It was James’ love of technology that brought him to Altitude Innovations, initially as part of the team that set up all the systems required to open our doors in 2007. From then on, his focus has been on constantly improving those systems and processes, as well as developing integrations between systems for even greater levels of efficiency.

After 5½ years of working on a series of projects for systems improvement, it didn’t take long for us to realise that other businesses could benefit from a similar approach, and thus Altitude Innovations was born.

When not spending time working with businesses to maximise their use of technology, James spends as much time as possible encouraging this same inquisitive mindset in his two young daughters. “Thankfully they haven’t pulled apart my home PC just yet… or at perhaps they are just as good as I was at putting it back together quickly!”


Technical: Business Innovations Manager, Information Technology Manager, Junior Technician – 6 Years
Business Management: Business Manager, Practice Operations Manager, Operations Manager – 8 Years
Sales: Technical Account Manager, Account Manager, Sales Coordinator – 3 Years

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