Could you save thousands by Automating?

Doing the same thing you’ve always done may be costing your business.

Every business has them – those frequent and repetitive tasks, usually involving a lot of time for a senior admin person. Your clients will never see or fully appreciate how much effort goes into getting them done, let alone getting them right

Despite this, they are the tasks typically overlooked when it comes to regular systems & processes reviews, as they often only involve the repeated & ongoing efforts of one or two individuals, so their impact and time cost is not deemed to be that extensive.

Only when you start running the numbers do you realise that a 15-minute task, performed every day by on an employee on just $60k/year, has a true cost of almost $2,000 in lost time every year. If that individual is also a productive income generator, this could translate to 3-4 times that amount of lost revenue due to having to perform this 15-minute repetitive task each day.

It is for this reason that task & process automation forms a major part of what we do here at Altitude Innovations. Helping businesses to gain back these lost wages and wasted productivity by automating these kinds of repetitive tasks through custom software development – and it’s cheaper than you might think.

Whether it be an integration to have your proprietary sales system automatically create invoices/payments/receipts in your accounting software rather than having to export/import them manually because no native integration exists. Or a custom form to streamline data entry into your CRM, preventing data entry errors by enforcing constraints otherwise unavailable through the CRM itself – the options are as limitless as your imagination.

Thankfully though, very little by way of imagination is required – with decades of experience helping business automate, streamline, and improve their business efficiency through technology. The Innovations Team can devise an appropriate and cost-effective solution for any challenge or time sink you are wanting to stop wasting your valuable time and money on.

Call us today to find out how much you could be saving by having a simple automation tool take care of those repetitive & costly tasks.

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