5 Tips to Staying Safe During Your Christmas Closing Period

Reminders to ensure your equipment and systems are how you left them when you return.

Backup your data

Your data is invaluable. Your data must be backed up throughout the year, but especially while your office will be closed. The equipment can be replaced, but the data collected over the years cannot.

Employing a 3-2-1 backup approach is our recommendation for safeguarding your data against loss or corruption. Keeping a minimum of three copies of data, with two copies on distinct storage media (tape and digital) and one copy stored offsite.

Power Down and Unplug

Turning off the devices does not completely stop them from receiving power from the sockets. Unplug all devices that are not essential to your operations to prevent damage from a circuit short.

If you have a server room on-site, ensure that the server has an air-conditioner that is not turned off when employees depart. Discuss server monitoring with us to ensure prompt action and recovery in the event of overheating or power outages.

Hide your equipment

Without consistent foot activity, abandoned gadgets may be too attractive for burglars. Reduce the risk by securing all portable devices and obscuring the view of other items with curtains or shutters. Make sure your alarm is activated when the final employee leaves the office and if you have security patrol, let them know your closure dates for additional patrols.

Update your system

Your computer will be vulnerable to newly publicised viruses and other malicious software when you return. In your inbox, you will likely find scam emails. Before opening emails or visiting the web, it is crucial to download system and security updates on your computer to protect your data and computer programs. When you first return, you should run Windows Update.

By taking these precautions before departing for the holidays and when you return, you can ensure that your data is secure and that your business will be operating normally upon your return.

Don’t stress over Christmas

Christmas and New Years are occasions for festivities, leisure, and enjoyment. Altitude Innovations will be working throughout the holidays to ensure that the IT infrastructure of your organisation is in pristine condition.

While your staff is enjoying their vacation, we can assist you with any of the following and more:

  • Reviewing your current backup systems, and ensuring that they’re going to provide fast and accurate recoveries as needed
  • Reviewing your disaster management plan to ensure that your systems have a failsafe in the case of a theft, natural disaster, or ransomware/hacking.
  • Updating devices software to ensure your IT fleet is running smoothly
  • Looking after your domains and hosting needs all in one location.
  • Integrations for your applications
  • In addition to much more

Ready to hand over the stress of your IT systems? Contact Altitude Innovations today to discuss your businesses needs for Christmas, New Years and beyond!

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